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promote-your-portfolioThis blog was originally created to connect with different creatives around the world.


In order to stay true to this, I decided to develop this page for you to introduce yourself, promote your portfolio and interact with other creatives who also share the same desire to learn something new.


Wow… that sounds pretty corny.


Promote Your Portfolio

Simply type your details into the comment section below. This includes your name, your portfolio/ website URL and your email address. Also be sure to mention in the comments what you do and what kind of creative field you specialise in.


If you’re interested in expanding your portfolio, I recommend that you read the book “80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills” & “How to Create a Portfolio & Get Hired”. These are two great books that can help you develop and improve your portfolio.

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  1. Hi! I’m Nicki Escudero, the social media and content strategist for CX, which provides cloud storage solutions to businesses and individuals. Our users get 10GB of free cloud storage here:, and we have collaborative features, such as groups, chat and social network sharing. Let us know what you think!

  2. Thanks, Rahat! If you do, be sure to let me know–I’d love to feature you as a user of the week on our blog! Thanks, Nicki

  3. Hi my name is Yoko and I draw mainly using ballpoint pens.. but I also do digital artworks using Illustrator.
Try to draw things around me in general.

  4. Hey, I’ve recently graduated from Solent University studying graphic design and I am available for any freelance illustrations/design needs! :)

  5. Hello, I am Mads and I am both a graphic designer and photographer. Samples of my photography work can be seen at and private work at I recently started combining photography with lacquerware as I have been based in Vietnam since the year 2000 and lacquer is one of the specialities here. Lacquer work can be seen here:

  6. Hi. I’m Aitch and I am an artist, printmaker and tattooist in Huddersfield UK. Skin is my primary canvas and I love to create a unique and beautiful image for each individual client.

  7. Hey Rahat, I’m the chief copywriter for Copyblogger Media, but I also run my own blog. I love books and I’ve always admired people who can draw, design. Actually taking classes to learn how to draw. I think I’d make a good cartoonist. 😉

    • Wow… it’s an honour to have you leave a comment on this blog. I’m a huge fan of your posts on CopyBlogger, good luck with learning how to draw Demian. I’m always looking forward to the posts on your personal blog :)

  8. Digital designer. A little obsessed with simplicity and pixel-perfection. Currently working as creative lead on Google.

  9. Hello

    I’m a papercut artist just getting used to social media, having dragged my heals for too long… Thank you for the intro!

  10. I design, build and sell vintage industrial inspired lights. Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.
    Please take a look at my blog page which shows off my designs – if you would like to buy any of them then contact me on the details provided on the page and we can arrange payment and delivery.

    Thanks for looking, Rich.

  11. Hi creative people! I’m Erika and I’m working for CREATHEAD, a huge creative community where you can find creative works and solutions! Who consider itself a creative person? Discover our community and create your personal free showcase! We are an italian agency but now we want to expand our aim and soul worldwide!!! We are waiting for you because maybe someone is looking for you!!!

    • Andrew Mclauchlan says:

      Hi, I am a signwriter, sign maker, artist & gilder. I have a collection of some images, hope you like.

  12. Hi, Im Zach. I’m from Manchester and I’m currently studying Graphic Design. Just wanting to get some of my work out there, hope you enjoy! :)

  13. hey guys … i am a photo artist check out my page hope you like it and find it worth sharing … good day aLL

  14. Hi, I am Hatim Zuzzer.
    I am a newbie freelance Web developer, Web designer, Logo & Business card designer :)

    • your business card are awesome! never seen that before! I really like it. nice job!

      • Hi Stefy, ThankYou so much, I really appreciate it! :)
        Stefy I am just loving your work it is so Amazing and Astonishing.
        Your designs, illustrations, paintings and your interior designs are so Awesome!
        Especially one of your project “Crystal Recycled Chandelier” which was the finalist of the competition Design Durable sponsored by Coca Cola is so Unique and Outstanding.
        You have got such Great Skills and Talent! :)

  15. Hi!
    I don’t know how to define myself : Interior architect, designer, illustrator, painter, graphic designer?
    I think that you are the master of fiction you want to write and create.
    Designer is like being a writer. We create fiction, illusion, magic.
    I am also a painter in my spare time. I sell many paintings, so if you are interested don’t hesitate to contact myself. I’m working on command to create the painting that is perfect for your home because a painting is the soul of a room.
    I love talking about my work, do not hesitate to contact me!

  16. metagrey is the collaborative works of roger and allan.

    We work in Art, Design, Motion, Words, and Technology. The best way to understand our work may be to have a look at it.

    Thanks for the interest.


  17. Hi, there!
    My name is Christa Raleva and I’m a co-founder of High Names ( – an international naming agency. I am the copywriter of the agency and am writing all sorts of naming-related articles for our naming blog. Our case portfolio is not long because High Names is a recently created naming portfolio of our main company – the ( brand identity studio. Since branding includes all sorts of design, we decided to separate them in sub-portfolios and hence the High Names agency appeared due to the need for naming when creating a new brand identity.

    If you’re in need for naming services for your company, brand, product etc, feel free to contact us : )

    Thanks for getting in touch, Rahat!

  18. Atticus Anderson says:

    Hey there,
    I’m a Stanford Product Design student and I’m working on a project that I think can help lots of artists and creative types, or anyone who uses a pencil!

    Check us out at or @gripclip on twitter.

    My personal portfolio is at if anyone wants to see some of the things I’m working on.

    I’d love for your feedback on our project and wanted to let you know our kickstarter is launching next week!

    Have a good one!

    Atticus Anderson

  19. Hello

    I’m currently a graphic design student at RIT. If it were up to me, I would eat, breathe, and live design. Everything around us is filled with art and I’m always curious to learn new things. I’m still exploring various fields of graphic design, but I really like branding, website design, illustrating, as well as sketching the world around me.

    Feel free to check out my behance portfolio for a closer look:

    Thanks for contacting me Rahat

  20. Hey! Thanks for sending me this link, I would greatly appreciate the promotion if you’re interested in my work. I’m primarily a photographer but also do some photography based image making too. I’ve been working in Dublin as a freelancer for almost three years and have a background in graphic design. If you’d like any other info or anything else feel free to email me. Thanks a million!

  21. James E. Walker – Graphic Designer, Artist, Creative Thinker

    I design Ads, Logos, Posters, T-Shirts, Albums, Flyers, Books & B-Cards.
    I love #typography #photography #illustrations


    Thank You!

  22. Greetings!

    I’m Paul Harrison, a doctor of archaeology/Egyptology. I’m currently involved in a number of projects which examine the history and impact of archaeology and colonial activity.

    First up is a documentary, Eye on the Needle (, which tracks the history and conservation of one of our nation’s most beloved gifted monuments, Cleopatra’s Needle on the Thames Embankment, which I’m co-producing and presenting.

    Next is my forthcoming book, Profane Egyptologists. This examines the development of Egyptology as a ‘Western scientific discipline’, and explores alternative approaches to pharaonic material in the West, with a focus on contemporary religious groups, esoterica and so-called ‘alternative’ approaches to Egypt.

    There are others, but these are all works in progress. Please feel welcome to visit for updates about our shoot, crowd-funding campaign, and crew-work opportunities!

    Thanks for reading!


    • Wow! You got my attention by saying you’re an Egyptologist. I actually did a BSc Archaeology at the University of Reading and graduated last year. Sadly, according to your WP page, the blog you mentioned is under construction but I will be looking forward to see the results of your projects!

      Best regards,


      • It’s great to see everyone interacting with each other. I’m glad this post is serving it’s purpose.

      • Hey! Thanks, Christa, appreciate the feedback and interest! I know somebody who teaches archaeology at Reading… quite a career shift for you then!

        There is some background info on the ‘about’ page (I think we need to make that button bigger), and on my own site Most updates will be forthcoming from my tweets, however, @Doc_Harrison. Feel free to hit me up. Interesting site you have there, I’ll be sure to pass my entrepreneurial friends your way for all their naming needs!



        • Thanks for the links! I am actually doing a Masters in Archaeometry and am planning to go into Underwater Archaeology as well, so definitely haven’t changed my field of study – hence the interest in your project. However, I like the challenge of learning new languages and wordplay and naming have become some sort of a second field of interest. Looking forward to the updates on your upcoming film and book!


  23. – Perspective Alone Defines –

  24. We sell t-shirts all designed by the art community and offer a free platform for artists to promote themselves through the medium of t-shirts. The service is free and enables you to get worldwide exposure plus you earn commission on all t-shirts you sell. So if you’re interested, head over to for more info!

  25. Name is Kieron, I am a web designer and developer from Glastonbury, I have just launched a new portfolio. any useful feedback would be great.

    • Hey Kieron, You have a great website that’s very minimal and easy to navigate through. One thing I suggest you do is have actual links to the websites you have created. Another thing you should do is show different pages of the websites that you have created. This will show clients what you can do and what you’re capable of.

    • I agree with Rahat – your website is easy on the eyes, which is good. However, adding links to your projects will be good, as well as adding some extra visualisations (printscreens) which would give further idea of your skills as designer and developer :)
      Also, the contact panel seems to me to be a bit gigantic and plain white – if you resize it a bit you can add a photo or map or something to colour up the space a bit : )

  26. A great platform provided by you…thank u so much

  27. Hi Rahat,
    Thanks for the link. It’s a pleasure to introduce my job end passion for design. My cmpany casapercasa si specialised in interior solution, more of all made in Italy. The characteristic of the company is the original point of wiew. A lot of pictures of the internet site
    You are wellcome to visit it.

  28. thanks rahat for such a platform keep it up :) i would like to introduce my photography blog hope its worth sharing … thnx and good day

  29. Hi

    I’m Brian. A freelance UI / UX designer from Manchester. I’ve worked at some biggish agencies form some pretty well known brands.


  30. Hello i’m Yaz, I am a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator from the west midlands – UK. I enjoy drawing people so if you want a custom illustrator please contact me at
    Also you can buy my iphone cases/art prints and other products on

    Great Blog :)

  31. hello my name is Jessica, I am a new architect in Rome and work for a showroom in the historical center! Our gallery is created to bring together the arts in one place: art architecture photography sculpture. our aim is to promote young and innovative artistic movements. We are open to new experiences and new collaborations with foreign artists.
    We would be the furniture fair in Milan on 13 and 14 April. for any information contact or visit our page / pavartroma. find us on Twitter @ pavartroma @ JessToz
    PS: sorry for my mistakes in English! 😉

  32. I’m a graphic artist working in advertising, design, corporate image and editorial. I love typography and logos. website / main portfolio:, pinterest , twitter @ordaks

  33. Hi I would just like to say this is a great little community and I wish I had stumbled across it sooner. I’m a Junior web developer from Leicester –

  34. Hello! My name is Julia and I am a designer, painter (and also a little bit of writer) from Brazil. Everything I do is exposed and explained in this blog (in Portuguese) You can also find me on Twitter : .

  35. Hello,
    My name is Ahmed Al-Refaie and I go by the name “OwaikeO”. I’m a illustrator and graphic designer from Kuwait. My primary focus is graphic design but I also enjoy creating characters. You can see my work on and more of my company’s work at
    You can also follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @owaikeo and @studioaio
    Thanks ^^

  36. Good morning everybody.
    We are an italian atelier set in Florence.
    Our project offers a journey that starts from iconography to get closer to art and design, through a series of filters regulators.
    Our mission is to introduce art and design in everyday life, thanks to our objects and sculputers.

    To know more about us:
    visit our web site
    follow us on Twitter @SoleadorArteDes
    join us on Facebook

  37. I am a freelance illustrator based in London. I mainly work with ink pens and I like to experiment around with layers, cutouts and colours. My site showcases sketches, illustrations and artwork from years past and present. I am currently working on a collection of drawings inspired by my last few visits to Shanghai (to be uploaded). Thank you for reading, please check out my site and thanks to Rahat for creating this site and getting in touch.


  38. Hi! My name’s Sara [that’s Sarah without the H :)] and I’m a bit of a typography geek! Please feel free to check out my website and let me know what you think – or follow me on twitter @melloydesign . Big thank you for reading, and more importantly to Rahat for setting up this awesome design blog and getting in touch! :)

    • Hi Sara,

      Yes, this is a great site Rahat has going on, and he posts some very good info. Love the look of your work, will keep you in mind for future projects. Best!

      Paul Harrison

      • Hi Paul,

        Thank you for the great comments on my work, I really appreciate your feedback! I’ve checked out your site and it all looks really interesting! Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything doing.


        • Thanks, Sara, much appreciated! We’re launching a campaign in June on Sponsume, and yes, there may be some work floating about, if not on that, then possibly on other films this year. I’ll keep you posted!



          • That sounds great! I’m now following you on Twitter – I saw your tag on a previous post so I’ll keep my eye out for your posts on here too!

            Take care :)

  39. Hello Everyone,

    Just had a read through all these great comments, and would like to introduce my business. We are an Essex based printing company that offers online ordering and delivery in 48Hrs Uk wide. We have a full graphic design studio in house and offer a one stop shop service for people on all of their print and design needs …..

    We share cool stuff on Pinterest too including our own print work


  40. “If you can Dream it, we can do it”

    Aquascapes is a leading company in the Bespoke Wet Leisure industry with an established, respected reputation within this very competitive market. Our business is family run and all of the required skills and trades have been passed down generation to generation.

    Over the past 30 years we have successfully completed several commercial and domestic projects throughout the UK and abroad including the award winning Porto Montenegro lido.

    Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to see more examples of our Fantastic designs / constructions.

  41. I have been working in webdesign and development for the last decade and love design. My primary introduction to the IT community was through design and it’s always going to be special for me. I do lots of development now, but keep my design skills sharp – and have lots of free website templates as a result! Feel free to check them out and contact me for any work ideas or general comments/feedback. or

    Thank you for reading and thank you Rahat for the promotion thread.

  42. Hi Rahat,
    I’ve just discovered your website. Lots of good info here.
    I’m a freelance graphic designer and recently launched my website –
    There is a sea of very talented creatives out there.
    How can we market our services to gain more visibility (and customers)? Any idea?

    • Hi Filipe,
      One of the best ways to market yourself is by creating a blog and start writing content about your niche. If you’ve subscribed to my mailing list, then you’ll be getting regular updates on how to do this.

      • Hi Rahat,
        Blogging is something I’m aiming to achieve in a near future. For the moment, my goal is to get my services visible to more people, because I’m totally confident I can satisfy 100% any request I’m given.

        I’ve subscribed your newsletter.

  43. Hi guys!
    My name is Lidia, i´m a photographer and graphic designer from A Coruña, Spain. You can see my works in this sites :

    I have a blog too, it is about some authors who works in illustration, photography, grafic design…

    Have a nice day :)

  44. Hey!
    Im a Graphic and Communication Design student at the University of Leeds,I have just set up an online portfolio for one of my modules, its not fully finished yet but it is getting there! Follow me on Twitter @LouiseKerwin
    Thank you!

  45. Hi! I’m Eric Weil. I’m a sculptor and I run Oso Industries. We elevate concrete, often overlooked and considered utilitarian, into beautiful, highly polished surfaces. Oso is a design studio focusing on new applications of concrete for furniture and custom interior design. Inspired by urban living, my team and I individually hand craft multifunctional furniture and architectural elements featuring concrete and other unique materials in clean, geometric forms.

  46. Phil Bowman says:

    Hi, I am a freelance graphic designer dealing with both print and web.

    My portfolio can be seen on – Search for Phil B. or on (My new site is coming soon).

  47. Hello,

    My name is Lyndon and I would say I am first and foremost a writer. I am also a glazier by trade (commercial, residential, auto). Definitely one of those types whose been drawing since he/she was in diapers. Recently, I have taught myself how to use CAD and discovered, which has been pretty outstanding to say the least. I am 1000% more concerned with making cool designs than with making ca$h. Ideas aren’t even allowed to evacuate the brain unless I think they are at least half-decent. Most of all, I like to use make-shift to make sh*t happen. Pardon my francais.

    *There is some AMAZING artists who have posted on this thread, good stuff!

  48. Hi,
    I’m a graphic designer and illustrator working mainly in culture and publishing.
    You can check out some of my works on and

    warmest regards from Belgrade, Serbia :)

  49. Hi guys!
    My name’s Mik, and I’m an illustrator/graphic designer from Luxembourg. I like to do design work with nice, clean lines and simple typefaces, but I also enjoy drawing weird little semi cultish illustrations from time to time. Most of the time, even. Just throwing my site out there for all of you to check out . Let me know what you think ! Always happy to get some feedback !


  50. I’m a unique Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Scotland, I also run my own clothing and print line.

  51. Selling timeless, functional products for your kitchen, home or garden. Everyday beautiful design. Go on take a peek, hope you like it. Find out more about the products on a weekly basis through my blog where you can tell me all about your favourite household items. Many thanks Lisa x

  52. Good design is good business.

  53. Hi all, my name is Andrew. I am a third year photography student from University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich. I am soon to be finishing my degree (touch wood!) and will then be attempting to promote myself as an art photographer. I have a couple of exhibitions coming up as part of my degree. Please take a look at my website to find details of these events, and the work I have produced so far!

    Thank you all, and a special thank you to Rahat for inviting me onto this site!

  54. I am currently a recent grad from Truman State University. I major in Visual Communications. FOCUS: Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography

  55. Hi all! I’m a 5th year student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. My program is called Interactive Arts and Technologies, where we do all manner of art/tech things! I love dabbling in all manner of things including film, game design, programming, 3D modeling and animation, photography, and virtual reality. My potential one-woman studio is Phlying Wayl Studios, and you can see some my projects on my portfolio :)

  56. Hello, I am a graphic designer working on a lifestyle magazine called i-on. i-on magazine is available in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland and is packed with fashion for men and women, city events, restaurant reviews, beauty, health, property, interiors and more… My blog is about the layouts I produce for i-on.

  57. Thanks for the sounding board, Rahat!

    I am a rising senior at Binghamton University in New York. I am majoring in Marketing and Consulting & Leadership, but have found time to take some graphic design classes on the side. I have an online portfolio ( where you can see some of the print work I have done for myself, class, student groups, or the occasional client! There is also a bit of photography which I focus on during the summer, especially when I am gardening. After I graduate I hope to work at an ad agency in Account Management. (Or maybe Creative; I haven’t made up my mind just yet 😉

    Peace and all things good,

  58. Shahina says:

    Thanks a lot for introducing me to your blog, it’s super helpful. I’m on a bit of a break before I start my course at the London College of Communication so I’m looking for all the tips and tutorials I can find before that!
    I love to experiment with all kinds of graphic design, but I enjoy branding and identity the most. Any feedback on my portfolio would be great!

    • I actually studied graphic design at LCC :). Your portfolio shows that you enjoy branding as you have some pretty good projects on it. However, you seem to be focusing on too many things and it seems rather distracting as the quality is not up to par with your branding projects. It is quality rather than quantity that matters. I would say that you should focus on a few things and then excel in it. This way you’ll be more focused and motivated to do great work, and hopefully become known in that field.

  59. Hi, my name is Sarah. I’ve always loved to draw, but when I majored in graphic design, I fell in love with Illustrator too. I’m all about everything from cartoons to detailed portraits whether it be on paper or a computer screen.
    My love for cars and bikes led to me trying to teach myself Alias Surface on a 30 day trial. I think the average must be 31 days though because 30 is definitely not enough haha. So close though, so close. I’ll get it one day :)
    Check out some of my work!

  60. Hi, my name is Nikita (age 32) – I’m an illustrator from Siberia, Russia! Professionally engaged in illustration in 2011. I have a little daughter (age 6).
    This week I stopped working with my publisher, and is now free as a bird, and I start looking for a reliable agent. I would be very grateful to those who share the helpful information.

    My Links:


    Also – I’m doing a children’s book for children aged 2-5. If interested, more information can be found in Twitter:

    I want to thank Rahat, for inviting me to this blog, as well as everyone who is already present here – very nice to meet you =)

    Excuse me if I made a spelling errors (currently studying English)…

  61. Hi, there! We are Creativello, a strategic creative agency in sunny Seattle, WA. We are a full-service shop, specializing in identity/branding system, motion graphics/animation, web, print and much, much more!

  62. I’m Janna, and my design specialties are typesetting and layout. I just launched a daily design blog to develop my skills in other areas – Check it out sometime!

  63. Hi there! I’m Sara, a front-end developer addicted to CSS3 animations and javascript. I love writing tutorials and sharing awesome demos with people on my website Check it out sometime!

    • Ed Williams says:

      I just went thru a few of these randomly and I came across yours. I just loved your presentation and your content. Didn’t event realize it but I was going thru your stuff for about a half an hour. Great Stuff. I’ll be keeping you in mind when I get some new projects in. Hopefully, that’s sooner than later.

      • Thanks Ed, your comment just made my day.

        • Ed Williams says:

          I’m glad – it was basically directed at Sara but I am glad I could contribute. I hope you get a chance to check me out on behance and facebook. Don’t forget to like, share and appreciate!!

  64. Hello! My name is Abiee and I like to make beautiful things. I am creating a brand called Vita and I have big dreams for it. I am an amateur graphic designer, photographer and general artist. Please if you have the time visit my website and leave me a message under the ‘comment’ page it would make my day! Any constructive criticism on either my work or my website is very welcome as I am always looking to improve in every aspect. Hopefully one day I will get enough of a following to be able to buy my own domain name and get myself out there even more so please help make my dream come true! Also if you just want to connect or chat follow me on twitter @vita_designs Thank you for your time :)

  65. Hello everyone,
    I am Kamran Ahmed, a student of Software Engineering at GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan. My area of interst are Web/Graphics Designing and Developement. I like to work on the innovative projects. Please check out my portfolio at or
    Also the suggestions for improvement will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks :)

  66. Hello,

    My name is Daniel Parker, and I am a Graphic Designer. Some of my specialties include logos, illustration, photography and all kinds of photo editing.

    Please visit my online portfolio at, as well as come follow me on twitter (@ParkerDesign1) and like my new page on Facebook (

    Thanks all, and hope to talk soon!

    Daniel Parker

    p.s. Thank you Rahat for the free promotions!

  67. Hello!
    I’m a freelance illustrator from England (UK) working under the name Pink Jelly Designs. I create whimsical, digital illustrations that are suitable for a wide range of uses (print and digital).

    I’m always happy to discuss potential projects – so please get in touch.
    Find me on Twitter:

    Angie (Pink Jelly Designs)

  68. Hi !

    My name is Justin Chong from Singapore. I specialise in illustrations, cad and product design. Basically, i am an industrial designer. Do visit my portfolio at for some of my products i made. Besides all that, i especially love to design interiors of spaces.

    Feel free to contact me via my portfolio if you would like to work with me!
    Thanks ! 😀

  69. I am an aspiring artist out of Charlotte, North Carolina looking to create a career where I can travel the world to create more works based on culture, emotion and the gambit of the human experience. I’ll give you my facebook link along with my twitter if you’d like to follow my journey.


    Thank you for your support!

  70. Hi,
    I’m Samantha Olendi, a graphic designer. I also do some user interface design for mobile applications, both iPhone and Android.
    My website is
    My behance portfolio is
    Feel free to contact me for any collaborations.

  71. Ed Williams says:

    Greetings All:

    My name is Ed Williams, I am in the process of trying to start a small business focused around graphic design specifically wordpress development, branding, logo design, magazine design and package design. Any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated!

    Full Service List:
    Brand Development, Project Management, Design Consultant, Package Design, Packaging Pre-Press, Logo Design, Magazine Design, Flyer Design, Illustration, Social Media, SEO, Web Development, Folder Design, Email Signature creation

    Check out some of my work (In the process of adding more samples) Appreciate, Share, Like and comment on my work – any feedback is very much appreciated!

    Like Us on Facebook
    facebook fan page:

    Additional Info – Web Design Samples

    Feel free to contact me for any collaborations. Thanks in advance!

    ~ Ed

  72. Cindy Li says:

    Hello there!

    I’m Cindy Li, a recent business management graduate who is passionate about the creative arts. I have my own personal tumblr in which I showcase some of my illustrations and artwork. I would love to merge my creative interests with the practical business skills that I have acquired from my degree and put them to good use in my future career. I’m very interested in marketing and advertising.

    Please check out my Tumblr:

    My twitter: @BR_Umbrella

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you think I could help out in any way with any creative/marketing roles.

    Thank you!

  73. HI!
    Just a messy mixed media animator/ illustrator student whose work doesn’t really look professional but scares people.

    My weird work can be found at ; http://www.vimeo/beckybuckman and

  74. Hi everyone!
    Sorry for my website, it’s still on work, but it will be ok asap! =)

    So, i’m a french graphist student, and I improve my skills by myself in drawings. My kind of drawing is japanese comic and i have for now a manga project named Monster Rage. Actually i’m trying to learn 3D by myself with in blender (it’s just the beginning).
    My bebsite:
    You can also find me on twitter:
    And going on my youtube channel here:

  75. Hello, i am a young artist and illustrator looking for work related to these practices, please have a look on the links below if your free.

  76. Oh, and what your doing here is great Rahat :)

  77. Howdy fellow life forms! I’m Laurry and I run Escape Magazine. We’re pretty new to the creative world and our mission is always changing. We published a magazine Via in June 2013, and since then we have become more of an online blog. We generally like to find inspiration and share it with the world. Most recently we have been working with The Creatives Community which is an online database of Graduates looking to network with other creatives and look for jobs. We’re both NON-Profit and do this because we just love to help people.

    If you want to get to know either of us you can look us up on twitter. Hope to speak to many of you very soon.


  78. Hey everyone,

    My name is Albert and I’m an art student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I have an interest in graphic design, illustration, and aspire to a part of the advertising field in my future.

    Currently, I am updating my portfolio (, but feel free to take a look at some of my doodles ( or follow me on twitter (


  79. Click to see cool illustrations. I’m a full-time graphic design student in Los Angeles, CA. I love creating vectored illustrations but also work great with bitmap.

    I’m constantly learning about graphic design and keeping up with top notch poster and gig poster artists. If you’re a passionate student of design add me on Facebook. I love talking about design and badass artists.

    My Facebook:
    Also, I just recently got Instagram to post “work in progress” photos of my projects. If you’re interested:
    My Instagram:

  80. Hi Everyone,

    I’m Josh and I’m a front-end web developer. Although I like to focus all of my attention on CSS.
    My website is outdated, but I am in the process of redesigning it. Check it out here:
    I’d also appreciate it if you could like and share my Facebook page:
    And you can follow me on twitter @jsturgessmeyers

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    Fun fact: I created a blog in April 2013 and got 120 people to draw foxes:

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  95. Greetings everyone. Design enthusiast turned freelancer after a stint doing marketing. Great to see so much talent here.

  96. Hello! I’m an artist who uses mostly ink pens. I just started a blog called Art by Bluewuwei. I’ve been drawing my whole life, and now I’m hoping to share my art, work hard to earn an audience and meet fellow artists in the process. Thanks!
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  97. Cool looking site man. Oh yah btw, I think there could be a spelling mistake on your home page… specifically where it says “25 years before they can pay of their debt” – is it supposed to say “pay off their debt”? Not sure, it could be correct over the pond in Euroland or Asiaminor. Good work again and keep it up! Thanks for the twitter follow too!

  98. Howdy,

    Love all the sites and portfolios which have been already put up. Some really amazing work!

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