Moo Cards: A good place to get business cards if you’re a creative


I’ve had a few requests from my email subscribers to give them a place where they could buy some good business cards.


Since I purchase them regularly to give as gifts to my clients, I decided to do a quick review on Moo Luxe Business Cards.





I never used to have business cards as the quality of most were pretty bad. I first heard of Moo cards a couple of years ago from a friend, and so I decided to try it out. Since then, I’ve been sending out Moo Luxe business cards to my premium clients as gifts, all of whom were impressed.



One of the reasons why Moo cards is so famous is because of their packaging. Each set of business cards come beautifully packaged inside a magnetic box with a guide that tells you how many cards you got left.



Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it.

Moo Luxe Business Cards are triple the thickness of normal cards and use Mohawk Superfine paper.


You can definitely feel the quality once you’re holding it in your hands.


moo-luxe-card-3 moo-luxe-card-4

Moo lets you choose the design on the back of every business card. You can have 50 different designs for 50 cards but the front always needs to remain the same.


This is perfect if you have a lot of team members, where you could have your logo on the front and have the staff member’s details on the back.


This is also perfect if you want to experiment with different designs on your moo cards.


The best thing is, it doesn’t matter how many designs you have, the price always remains the same.



The quality of the images on the cards are not as good as those you’ll get with the normal Moo business cards.


This is probably because of the texture of the paper. But as you can see from the image above, it is pretty damn good.


moo-luxe-card-2 moo-luxe-card-7 moo-luxe-card-8

Since the card has a slightly rough texture, you should avoid having thin lines as it’ll most likely not come out the way you want it to.



I also purchased two Giorgio Fedon business card holders. They’re made out of folded aluminum and covered in fine Italian imitation leather.


They also hold roughly 9 Luxe Business cards and around 18 normal business cards.


Giorgio-Fedon-card-holder-2 Giorgio-Fedon-card-holder-3

If you’re looking to get one, I would recommend the black card holder. The orange card holder looks good from a distance but you could see some of the marks from where it’s been opened.


moo-luxe-card-1These cards make great gifts to family, friends and clients. I always have clients calling me back to ask me where I purchased these cards so that they can buy some more for their company.


If you’re looking to purchase some cards, check out the Moo Luxe Business Cards. They definitely do leave an impression.


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