How To Create An Awesome Online Portfolio In 3 Simple Steps

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The three main steps to creating an online portfolio

1. Create a domain name and purchase hosting
2. Install WordPress
3. Install theme

1. Domain name and hosting

Creating a domain name and finding your hosting can all be done in one place and in one go.

From experience, I would highly recommend that you use BlueHost. The hosting is only $3.95 per month and they also have a great service. I personally use them for a couple of my client’s websites. Not only is the hosting low-cost but it also comes with other features as well. Such as a free domain name, unlimited email accounts and a $100 Google advertising offer.

During the signup process, you’ll need to first create your custom URL. I would recommend that you use your name in the URL, that way it makes you seem more personal.


The next step is to finalize your purchase. Though not necessary, you may want to tick the ‘Domain Whois Privacy’ box. This basically protects personal address and phone number from being displayed to the public.


2. Install WordPress


After logging into your Bluehost control panel, scroll down to the ‘Blogs’ category and click on ‘Wordpress’.


Simply click install and it will take you to the next section.


On this part, choose your domain name then click ‘Complete’. After taking this step, you’ll be given your login details so be sure to keep them safe as you’ll need to use them on a regular basis.


3. Install theme

Ok, so this is the fun part. You’ll probably be spending a couple of hours (I spent 4) searching for your theme and testing them out.

There are three great sites that sell portfolio themes, so I’ll list them out to you.

1) ElegantThemes

If you’re on a tight budget, then ElegantThemes is the way to go. You can get all 81 of their themes for only $40.


2) Genesis

If you have a bit more money to invest, then I would HIGHLY recommend that you purchase your portfolio theme from StudioPress. I’ve poured a lot of money down the drain purchasing different themes and then finding issues with them later. I then started to see numerous popular bloggers giving some seriously good feedback for the Genesis framework.

So what did I do?

I straightaway purchased my first theme from them and… let’s just say that I would gladly pay double of what they’re asking.


Not only do they sell awesome themes, but since they all run on the Genesis framework, the backend of all their themes is simply mind-blowing. They also have a free in-depth guide available if you have no clue how on how to customize your portfolio.

3) ThemeForest

Now, if any of the portfolio themes from the other two sites are not to your taste, then you should think about purchasing a theme from ThemeForest. They have a wide range of developers that create a huge number of themes for them.


From experience, I would suggest that you purchase your themes from ThemeZilla. They have a ton of good portfolio themes and also have a great forum where you could ask any question you want and they usually reply within the same day.

FINALLY, it’s time to install your portfolio theme

Sign in to your WordPress. The URL should be something like this:

http://YOUR URL/wp-login.php


After you’ve logged in, click Appearance (on the left sidebar)> Themes> Install Themes> Upload.

Still have questions about creating an online portfolio?

Creating websites that convert is my forte and I’ve produced a handful of websites for freelancers. There’s too much that goes into a creating a great online portfolio to cover fully here, so if you still have questions feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to respond promptly.